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Why #PhysEd?


We are creating an awareness around the idea of the #PhysEdSummit – A non-traditional PD day that is coming up on October, 25th! Here are the three rules…

1. Make a 15 second video of yourself answering the question, “Why #PhysEd”?

2. Use the hashtag #PhysEdSummit.

3. Challenge at least one or more people to complete the challenge in the next 24 hours!

Follow the #PhysEdSummit hashtag to check out the responses!

Yes, we did get this idea from the #icebucketchallenge. Don’t panic, no ice is needed! This is not a new idea, just a fun way to get everyone involved!

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Call for Proposals


The PE community has spoken. The #PhysEdSummit topics have been chosen and now we need YOU, the #pegeeks of the community!

We want our facilitators to think “outside the box”. This is not your normal #PhysEd conference! Please keep in mind PHYSEDagogy’s mission… exploring best practices in physical education.  How are you going to model this? What innovative strategies will you use to model great teaching digitally in your session? How can you engage your audience to “see” what you are presenting?  What resources will you provide for the audience? What can they take away from your session and use tomorrow in their classes?


Remember everything about this PD opportunity is FREE – from the sessions offered to the guest speakers facilitating sessions. The whole idea of the #PhysEdSummit is to crowdsource a virtual conference. This is an opportunity for the online PE community to come together to create…

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Why Twitter ?

In 2012 I attend an IT in PE workshop by the amazing PE geek @mrrobbo Jarrod Robinson , and part of his workshop was about Twitter , first time I said : you must be kidding !!! what ? how ? no way !!

Then I accept the 14 Day Twitter Challenge for PE Teachers – The PE Geek

Now I can see what is he talking about , a new world of 24/7 professional development which keep you going all time ( Teacher on Fire !! ) , you meet those amazing PE teachers and Educators from all over the world whom love to share there ideas and resources helping me to find my PLN ( professional learning network ).

When you try a good food in a restaurant or do an amazing adventure on a weekend you cant wait to tell your friends about it  so the try it and you hope they get same feeling that you had when you done it.

So I started telling all PE teachers I know about twitter and why they have to join the #Physed and #PEgeeks , I created a this youtube video 

Now I follow more than 800 who are not my PLN only but I would call

friends @osama13

Teaching Games by Playing Games: A Quick Look at TGfU

Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) is a pedagogical concept that has only recently been formally introduced to elementary teachers in Ontario through the revised 2010 health and physical education (h&pe) curriculum. However, it is not a new concept. Teaching Games for Understanding was pioneered at Loughborough University in the early 1980s by researchers Rod Thorpe and David Bunker. The pair acknowledged that students were often leaving schools with little knowledge of how to play games effectively, they were relying on the knowledge of the coaches and teachers rather than their own, and they had limited capacity to apply the skills they did learn in different contexts. Through TGfU, students develop physical and games literacy, as well as critical and creative thinking skills.

In Ontario TGfU had been present in the secondary school h&pe curriculum, but with the 2010 revision was scoped and sequenced down into the elementary document as well…

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The #PhysEdSummit: Teaching Pedagogy that will take you to the top!

The #PhysEdSummit: Teaching Pedagogy that will take you to the top!.

The #PhysEdSummit: Teaching Pedagogy that will take you to the top!


Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.39.08 PM

Are you a #pegeek? Do you love to learn from the Twitter nation? Then we have something that will raise you to a whole new level. This will be the most exciting virtual PD for #PhysEd teachers of the CENTURY… yeah… we said that. Coming soon to a computer near you!                                                                         – #PhysEdSummit Team

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EA : how we want our PE to look like

In a PYP school having a EA is part of the learning journey , students and teachers set the not only the rules of running the class but I like to call it adeal where we all have a vision of the best class of PE for example every time we have PE ,

Why not blogging ?!

If I press publish in the end of this post then this going to be my first I blog as a PE teacher ( I had an old blog where I wrote some arabic poetry !! )

Any way when it comes to blogging I think Educators who teach students always to do their best forget or I would say afraid to apply that in themselves

You know what , I am not afraid , even if I am not being perfect , I will press done and see what comes up , I hope this won’t be my last post !

Thanks for reading

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