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lets #MysterySkype


Last year I knew about Mystery Skype from Craig Kemp when he was looking for teachers to connect in a fun educational game and he explained that in his blog post

It looked a great idea fun with education best combination but I wanted to make sure that there is a goal, need or a reason to use this tool , and that moment came when my grade 3 students where learning about navigation in class room and it looked a great chance to learn more through Adventure challenge in #Physed plan

This was an amazing chance and experience as an IB PE teacher integration ( Adventure Challenge ) with class room teacher by technology and social media to educate throw a fun game , WOW

Wait so what is #Mystery Skype ?

Mystery Skype is an educational game, invented by teachers, played by two classrooms on Skype. The aim of the game is to guess the location of the other classroom by asking each other questions.

It’s suitable for all age groups and can be used to teach subjects like geography, history, languages, mathematics and science.

But Why use #MysterySkype and How can we use it ?

mystery skype

It has totally transformed the way students learn about the world in my class. Not only does it engage students, but it excites teachers to teach a topic that has long been a short sharp look through an atlas and a glossed over part of the curriculum. It is also an excellent way to integrate technology into your class where students develop social skills and culture knowledge or awareness beside 21st Century Skills like research.

Look at my grade 3 video showing Mystery Skype in Action:

You want to know what students learnt from this fun education life experience game dont just ask them and see the glow in their eyes but check that when they reflect it


Below you will find very useful links and ideas to use this great tool , look and adopt , if you need any help you can always find me at @osama13 or join us on Voxer , get the app and join “#Mysteryskype” to see it. I’m physed on Voxer.

Check also the where you can find hundreds of #Physed from around the world happy to connect

One last thing : its called Mysteryskype but I used Google hangouts because I wanted an easy way to save a copy on my youtube channel

There is many video calling apps look what is best for you and the other side you calling

and see what the future looks like where language in no even a barrier

Resources :

What is Mystery Skype? 7 steps to get started!

Geography Skills Soar With Mystery Skype By Genia Connell

So You Want to Do Mystery Skype? By Pernille Ripp

Assessment of Learning via Skype

My youtube Mysteryskype playlist



World Games MAP

Crowd sourcing a Collection of World Games
There’s no better way to gather a collection of world games than to crowdsource the list with the #PhysEd world!
Created by Sarah Gietschier-Hartman @GHSaysRockChalk

Amazing collection of games that Sarah Gietschier-Hartman @GHSaysRockChalk collect and she was supportive when I contact her to use the list of the games and getting it pinned on a visual interactive world map where you easily check the list on the map or on the list below

not only that , now you can add a game also using the google form below !!

Click here to access the above list of world Games

also Check

Around the World in 80 Games

Complete List of Sports from Around the World

Physed MAP is a visual interactive map where you can find PE teachers from all over the world and connect with them
Sign up now and join the growing #Physed community now

If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact me
Twitter @osama13 , Voxer : physed
Osama Abujafar

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Full list of MAP Memeber

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Twitter ignited my passion, Voxer stole my heart!


When I blog I like to use the world as my muse.  This year I have become one of those “vaunted” connected educators.  Twitter has been mastered. Chats are easily navigated and I can tell who is on the stay connected bandwagon or the down with testing breed.  There is no argument that both those groups are right; however, I have heard it all before.  Sure Twitter is great for getting links to articles, giving out props to people that are doing great things, and discussing the past, current, and future trends of education.  I want more! The time for just talking in 140 characters is over for me.  I have found the next greatest social media.  That social media is Voxer.  Voxer is a San Francisco based mobile app that allows users to leave voice or text messages and pictures for individuals or groups with the push of a…

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A way for PE teachers to connect in the Middle East , Africa , India and the rest of the world !!!

The #PhysedME idea, came when there seemed to be a lack of connectivity and collaboration from PE teachers in the Middle East , Africa and India. Educators whom love to share and be part of ongoing professional development.

At #PhysedME we are looking to grow to build a strong, well established #PEPLC team in the Middle East , Africa , India ( #PEPLCME ) .


But why do we need to do this? ?


So what is #PEPLC  ?

Physical Education Professional Learning Community

In 2013  Andy Vasily with group of great PE teachers  launched the initiative of setting Up a Professional Learning Community for PE #PEPLC  



You can find more by checking and  @Andyvasily blog post…

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PLN and Twitter

So Why teachers need social media ? yes need !

Since I am a visual learner let watch following

and if you have time just listen to real teachers explaining why educators need to connect ??

Click here !!

Having a PLN and been connected to best educators in the world made me a different person , I would say a better teacher who enjoys more the journey with more passion ,  teacher on fire !!!

on the side of this page you will find links to some of my PLN from twitter , FB , ….

and Now I am addicted to the best of all Voxer and Google hangouts !!!

soon I hope I can post something about Voxer  which I like to call : ( Educators what’s Up app )

on the end please visit below Facebook page I created for PYP PE teachers which in few months have around 300 teachers from all over the world

PLN and Twitter.

Plan of Action


We wanted to take a few minutes to explain what our plan of action is for the Summit. We have received a few e-mails and want to inform everyone of the process in this post.

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Why #PhysEd?


We are creating an awareness around the idea of the #PhysEdSummit – A non-traditional PD day that is coming up on October, 25th! Here are the three rules…

1. Make a 15 second video of yourself answering the question, “Why #PhysEd”?

2. Use the hashtag #PhysEdSummit.

3. Challenge at least one or more people to complete the challenge in the next 24 hours!

Follow the #PhysEdSummit hashtag to check out the responses!

Yes, we did get this idea from the #icebucketchallenge. Don’t panic, no ice is needed! This is not a new idea, just a fun way to get everyone involved!

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Call for Proposals


The PE community has spoken. The #PhysEdSummit topics have been chosen and now we need YOU, the #pegeeks of the community!

We want our facilitators to think “outside the box”. This is not your normal #PhysEd conference! Please keep in mind PHYSEDagogy’s mission… exploring best practices in physical education.  How are you going to model this? What innovative strategies will you use to model great teaching digitally in your session? How can you engage your audience to “see” what you are presenting?  What resources will you provide for the audience? What can they take away from your session and use tomorrow in their classes?


Remember everything about this PD opportunity is FREE – from the sessions offered to the guest speakers facilitating sessions. The whole idea of the #PhysEdSummit is to crowdsource a virtual conference. This is an opportunity for the online PE community to come together to create…

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